Last month, the EU Commission (EC) published a “black list” of jurisdictions that are non-cooperative. This list was comprised of 30 countries, which seemingly have been found to not meet transparency standards that are in line with the rest of the European Union.

Donald Tusk: An 'agreekment' has been reached

Donald Tusk stated in a press conference "we have reached an agreekment" and confirmed that both Greece and the EU want to start implementing an (European Stability Mechanism) ESM program for Greece which means they will receive continued financial support.

Greece given final deadline to submit new proposal

At conferences in Brussels, final talks regarding Greece’s need to set a proposal, either an agreement must be reached or Greece’s banks face going into liquidation next week.

This week the European Parliament passed a provision following a vote in favour to ratify the Fourth Money Laundering Directive, authorising registers regarding beneficial ownership of all trusts and companies in every EU member state. The official transcript is likely to be approved and consequently…