As 2019 opens its doors, economists are predicting a not too distant shift in world powers due to new dynamics in Northern Asia that could bring substantial consequences to the worlds most dominant economies.

The CEO of Google Mr Sundar Pichau has finally confirmed rumours about the tech giants involvement in a new Chinese search engine project; stating that the platform could potentially offer better information to people than the current market offering for the Asian nation.

Earlier this month, China shocked investors everywhere by banning both corporate and personal fund raising using ICOs (initial coin offerings) such as bitcoin, stating that such practices constitute illegal fundraising due to the current lack of regulations and increasing reports of misuse.

China has announced new measures in order to mitigate risks brought about by illegal activities in the online banking for the development of the Chinese finance sector, in a newsletter issued by the Chinese State Council earlier this month.

Accuracy with GDP data calculation method for China

According to the China’s statistics bureau, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) data calculation method has changed. This is a step to adopt international standards and improve the accuracy of the Chinese numbers.

Singapore house prices dropped during Q2

According to Knight Frank’s Global House Price Index, Singapore posted the second-highest drop in private home prices among Asian countries in the last quarter, with only China coming behind.