Brazils economy is losing in the battle of the breakfast juices

Brazil is the world's largest producer of both oranges and orange juice, however due to changing breakfast preferences in Europe, means that the country's reliance on exporting the fruit may have to change.

Brazil hopes to boost economy by millions in amnesty incentive for tax evaders

The federal tax agency in Brazil have announced that any Brazilians holding unreported offshore assets located in Brazil will be eligible to declare the asset between April 4th and October 31st in exchange for a fine and no criminal proceedings in a government amnesty program.

GDP drop in 2015 spells worse times ahead for Brazil, experts warn

According to the official statistics agency of Brazil IBGE, the country had the worst performance of any G20 nation, as the economy slowed down; businesses made 1.5 million people redundant and put all investment projects on hold.

Brazil: Spending cuts & raised taxes will help economy recovery

The government of Brazil has announced that $7 billion will be cut from Brazil’s spending budget in 2016, something that aims to cover the "economic black hole" that currently exists in the country’s budget.

Tax planning measures implemented in Brazil

A requirement for taxpayers to submit a declaration form by September 30th each year with details of any transactions that may result in tax savings is stated in a Provisional Measure 685/2015 published in Brazil’s Official Gazette last July.