Earlier last year, the European Union created and set forth a list of "non-cooperative" taxation jurisdictions, popularly referred to as the 'EU Blacklist'. As part of this exercise, several of the traditional offshore jurisdictions, including the BVI, the Cayman Islands, Jersey and other crown dependencies, have been believed by the EU to be a part of such list.

Pressure Rises for British Overseas Territories to Adopt Transparency Measures

The UK’s overseas territories are facing pressure to adopt public registers of company ownership at the end of the decade after the conservative UK government discovered it would have to support a minority-approved amendment designed to stem the global flow of laundered money.

UK Overseas Territories: Sunny places for shady people?

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) has been named more than 113,000 times in the disclosed documents from Panama Law firm Mossack Fonseca, the Bahamas over 16,000 times and Aguilla over 4,000.

BVI set to improve its current anti-money laundering regime

In an effort to come up to date with international efforts and standards towards transparency, BVI aims to strengthen its anti-money laundering regime.

BVI may modify legislation regarding beneficial ownership information

The Premier's Office of the British Virgin Islands has released an important announcement reaffirming its intentions to proceed to necessary legislative changes regarding beneficial ownership information maintenance.