Trade deals between HK and ASEAN currently under negotiation

The Free Trade Agreement between Hong Kong, China and the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is currently under negotiation.

HSBC implements dividend repurchase scheme to positive reception

HSBC Holdings Ltd has experienced the largest growth since April after announcing a $2.5 billion USD dividend repurchase scheme in partnership with Brazil whilst retaining its shares at the current level for the time being.

Asian stock market figures incites fear for global economic growth in 2016

The Asian stock market showed an overwhelming drop across the board yesterday after a disappointing US employment report created fears regarding the fundamental power of the globes largest economy and worse than predicted trade figures from China.

Asian casinos push for betting license in Cyprus

As reports for 2016 emerge regarding the slowing economy in China, coupled with the recent attempts to combat corruption in Asian gambling companies, they are now seeking new jurisdictions to incorporate.

Asia Markets slip at the end of a tough trading week

As it looks like, Asian markets have mostly slipped at the end of a tough week in relative calm after China unveiled a series of steps to shore up its economy, reassuring the investors. Nonetheless, there are fears of a hike of US interest rates.

Singapore dollar weakens after Yuan’s devaluation

The devaluation of China’s currency for second day in a row, has had a negative effect on the Singapore dollar, resulting in the country's currency hitting its weakest level since June 2010.

Deflation threat returns to Asia

The deflation scare of the past year has resumed with a vengeance since the oil and commodity markets remain on a sliding slope.

Prince in Saudi Arabia will donate his $32B fortune to charity

Last week, Saudi Arabia's billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal vowed to donate his entire $32-billion (€28.8-billion) fortune to a variety of upcoming charitable projects in the next few years.