German state plan to use stolen data against Swiss Banks

German authorities are planning to utilise stolen banking data in order to target around 40 more Swiss banks for assisting people to evade their tax obligations.

UK Tax Treatment of Delaware LLCs

The UK's tax treatment of limited liability companies in the US could remain mostly unchanged despite a recent Supreme Court decision in favour of taxpayers, the HMRC has confirmed.

UK: CBI raises concern over complex tax code

The CBI (Confederation of British Industry) has raised concern to the UK government about the current volume and unpredictability of new tax measures.

US: IRS requests data from Belize Banks

The Bank of America and Citibank are being forced by a court order obtained by the US government, to disclose information about all US taxpayers who hold offshore accounts at BBIL (Belize Bank International Limited) or BBL (Belize Bank Limited).

HMRC: New Scottish income tax, and who will pay

A technical guidance was published by the HMRC to provide assistance in the determination of who in the UK will have to pay the new Scottish income tax that comes into effect in April 2016.

CRA: Respected Accounting Firm deceived tax authorities

A wealthy Canadian family paid virtually no tax over a span of eight years, as they even obtained provincial and federal tax credits, while being involved in an offshore tax scam that was developed by one of the most respected accounting firms in Canada, as the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) stated.

Brazil: Spending cuts & raised taxes will help economy recovery

The government of Brazil has announced that $7 billion will be cut from Brazil’s spending budget in 2016, something that aims to cover the "economic black hole" that currently exists in the country’s budget.