Asset based lenders can provide support for UK SMEs in wake of Brexit

The Managing Director of the UK’s biggest invoice finance company, has released a statement praising the asset based finance sector, stating that this is best way to support small and new businesses through the uncertain economic times brought on by the UKs decision to leave the EU. The comments were…

New Zealand: Interest & investment tax proposals

A discussion document released today could simplify taxpayers’ fiscal year-end processes while increasing accuracy in the system, says Revenue Minister for New Zealand Michael Woodhouse.

Singapore: New incentives for start-up crowdfunding projects unveiled

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has unveiled plans to reduce the base capital and minimum risk prerequisite for crowdfunding programs which is hoped will make crowdfunding more accessible to SMEs and start-up companies.

Occupied Trikomo is planning to become a Chinese village

As a Turkish Cypriot media reported, occupied Trikomo has attracted the close interest of Chinese investors. As stated by the TC newspaper, the Chinese investors are looking into all British, Russian and Scandinavian interest.

Full compensation for defrauded UK holiday home buyers

According to the England and Wales High Court’s ruling in the AIG Europe case, those that bought holiday homes abroad and lost their investments through commercial failure and fraud will most likely be able to recover their entire losses.

The last remaining Russian bond seller has just left Singapore

Russians used to be the biggest sellers of Singapore dollar bonds outside Asia only four years ago, as of this week; the last remaining shareholder has removed his investment.

The Cypriot visa program for property investment accrued €2B in 2 years

The relevant provisions of the program conclude that anyone who buys property in Cyprus automatically receives a visa, which is clear that without the right to work, but to live in Cyprus. The minimum amount required to be spent on the acquisition of Cyprus property is only €300,000 is gradually gaining…

NEW ZEALAND: CGT to be levied on short-term property investments

In future, New Zealand has planned to start charging capital gains tax (CGT) on any residential property sold on after two years of originally purchasing, unless the property is being used as a main home, it is inherited or transferred as part of a marriage settlement. The measure is thought to be designed…

Valartis Bank: customers show concern over recent substantial losses

In April 2015 a report was released on the financial situation of the Valartis Group, showing figures by the losing party for the sum of $76.79 million. Understandably this caused dismay to many investors of the bank in Liechtenstein. However, it is worth noting that the profit also showed to be around…