HMRC in the UK has started sticking Post-it notes written by hand on letters sent to tax evaders in a new attempt to encourage payment, and has recorded a high response rate, as they expand their use of a range of psychological strategies to inspire greater compliance.

New Stored Value Facilities Regime in Hong Kong

The Monetary Authority in Hong Kong has released its decision to grant Stored Value Facilities licenses to 5 Hong Kong based companies: HKT Payment, The Alipay Financial Services HK, Money Data, Octopus Cards and TNG Asia.

Intellectual Property ties strengthened in Hong Kong

The fifteenth annual Meeting of the Guangdong-Hong Kong Expert Group on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights was held in Guangzhou, Hong Kong with participants agreeing to further strengthen co-operation.

Obama gives advice on G20 Summit conclusion

The G20 summit recently held in China has exemplified the importance for international tax cooperation to attain ‘an internationally fair and modern global tax system’, after President Obama warned of the risks if various countries ‘race to the bottom’ in tax policies.

The Managing Director of the UK’s biggest invoice finance company, has released a statement praising the asset based finance sector, stating that this is best way to support small and new businesses through the uncertain economic times brought on by the UKs decision to leave the EU. The comments were…

HSBC Holdings Ltd has experienced the largest growth since April after announcing a $2.5 billion USD dividend repurchase scheme in partnership with Brazil whilst retaining its shares at the current level for the time being.