WIPO: Hong Kong Enacts Trade Mark (Amendment) Bill 2019

The Hong Kong Trade Mark (Amendment) Bill 2019 amends the Hong Kong Trade Marks Ordinance to bring the international registration system under the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement into national law.

Cyprus Court Systems Require a Judicial Reform: Civil Procedure & Litigation Update

A team of UK legal experts have arrived to the Republic of Cyprus is on the island to give guidance and support a continuing programme for reforming the justice system, judicial review and parliamentary proceedings on the island.

Bank of Cyprus: Project Helix & Non Performing Loans in 2019

Results for Bank of Cyprus’ 2018 annual profit-loss report was recently published, showing losses after tax of just over EUR €100 million, which, even though is a negative figure, experts have been quick to point out noteworthy improvements on the 2017 fiscal year losses of EUR €549 million.

EU parliament Votes to Repeal to EU Golden Visa Schemes

EU thinktank TAX 3 Committee have suggested a number of significant improvements to which the European Parliament have voted overwhelmingly in favour of. One of which being the most controversial legislation amendments in the financial sphere at the moment: the phasing out of EU Member States investment-based citizenship and residency schemes.

Reporting Deadline for the Availability of a CFC: March 20 2019

We would like to recall that according to the legislation on controlled foreign companies in Russia, a controlled foreign company (or CFC) is a foreign entity or a foreign structure not forming a legal entity that has a Controlling person - tax resident of the Russian Federation.

Key Changes to Company Secretary: Cyprus Companies Law 2018

There have been some recent amendments to the Cyprus Companies Law 2018 which introduced certain changes some of which come into force at of the date of publication of the amending law; whereas others come into force by the end of 2019 or upon announcement with more guidance from the Cyprus Registrar of Companies.

Cyprus Implements Strike-off Process for Dormant & Lost Contact Companies

The Cyprus tax department are urging service providers in Cyprus with client companies that are dormant or in contactable to use a new system which has been implemented to circumvent lengthy delays in approvals. The Registrar of Companies has announced that a large number of applications for the striking off of dormant companies are still outstanding.

Hong Kong Registrar Releases Key Company Data for 2018

The Hong Kong Companies Registry announced the figures for company incorporation's for the 2018 financial year. Company data is a key indicator (inter alia) of a country’s economic health and allows experts to predict growth or retraction more accurately.

Cyprus Registrar Releases Key Company Data for 2018

The Cyprus Registrar of Companies and the Official Receiver released new statistics for the financial year of 2018 on the island and the following results were recorded, looking likely that slow and steady growth throughout 2019 is estimated.

Cyprus Sets Sights on Entering New Markets After Early Loan Repayment

The Cyprus Finance Ministry have released government plans about the islands preparations to enter international markets with a new euro-denominated bond issue, following early repayment of their loans to Troika.