To sell or not to sell? Cyprus' Non Performing-Loan deadlock

Troika has made a decision to not allow borrowers to repay their loans at a discounted price, however without the immediate agreement of the DIKO party, the issue leads the Government towards to a deadlock and a plan overturn.

BVI set to improve its current anti-money laundering regime

In an effort to come up to date with international efforts and standards towards transparency, BVI aims to strengthen its anti-money laundering regime.

The Cayman Islands intensify outsourcing standards for financial firms

Following newly implemented legislation, financial services companies will now be responsible for any damage caused to individual clients, rather than the outsourced service providers.

Cyprus to broaden economic activities with China

The President of Cyprus reiterated the government’s aim to support the development of business & economic relations between Cyprus & China.

Indonesia plans a "tax amnesty" for overseas bank account owners

Indonesia’s taxation office seeks to provide a tax amnesty policy to be implemented during 2016 in order to repatriate €136 billion from funds situated in overseas banks.

Caribbean Community countries should set a high precident regarding financial secrecy

Sir Ronald Sanders, Antigua and Barbuda's Ambassador to the US, suggests unity among the Caribbean Community countries (Caricom) which have often been “unfairly” criticised for their financial secrecy reporting procedures.