HMRC: New Scottish income tax, and who will pay

A technical guidance was published by the HMRC to provide assistance in the determination of who in the UK will have to pay the new Scottish income tax that comes into effect in April 2016.

UK: Charity Commission impose changes to SORP requirements

The Charity Commission has made some minor changes to the Annual Return 2016 which all charities must complete. However, the Commission has stopped asking for campaign expenditure details.

Full compensation for defrauded UK holiday home buyers

According to the England and Wales High Court’s ruling in the AIG Europe case, those that bought holiday homes abroad and lost their investments through commercial failure and fraud will most likely be able to recover their entire losses.

Instability regarding the HMRC’s use of ‘reasonable care’ criterion

The Chartered Institute of Taxation and Association of Tax Technicians, conducted a survey, which revealed that members have serious concerns about the HMRC’s tendency to treat taxpayers’ errors as failure to take reasonable care and is inconsistent in its approach.

New measures in the UK will legalise formerly illegal building work

The government in the UK plans to introduce additional measures aimed at allowing town council and planning authorities to approve planned construction that would otherwise been classed as unlawful.