The HMRC are to abolish business record checks

Her Majesty Revenue and Customs will scrap Business Record Checks, which often had been criticized as “cost ineffective” and “poorly targeted”.

Anti-Money laundering report findings could be misleading

The supervisors of AML (Anti-money laundering) across the UK legal sector are warning of a new report that was published by the HM Treasury & Home Office on the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing lacks balance by its own admission and is not supported efficiently.

UK: UK domiciled or non-domiciled

The Treasury in the UK is planning to restrict claims for non-dom status for tax purposes and must be filed by early November this year for the government to consult.

UK SMEs vs the new dividend tax reforms

The recent reforms on dividend taxation in the UK has raised frustration among 25,000 congregated business owners who are currently rallying against the changes.

UK Tax Treatment of Delaware LLCs

The UK's tax treatment of limited liability companies in the US could remain mostly unchanged despite a recent Supreme Court decision in favour of taxpayers, the HMRC has confirmed.