Less jobs in Singapore as firms rely on fewer staff members

The stricter foreign worker policies are making businesses change the way they work. This may finally be making an impact through the wider economy in Asia, with companies relying less on manpower and restructuring their processes accordingly in order to cope.

Asian investment bank infrastructure designed by the IMF starts to take shape

On May 22nd Singapore hosted the three-day meetings between IMF representatives on behalf of the 57 countries that have accepted to participate in the formation of the Bank. Charter Bank will be signed by the end of June 2015 onwards.

Index of prices in Singapore fell to 0.5 % in April 2015

Suffice to say it is indeed interesting to read the news regarding a drop of 0.5 %. Why is this so? Statistics show that the reason for the decline in food prices is linked to oil currently being at 11.7 %. However, the drop in prices still leaves Singapore as being the most expensive city in the world.

UBER in Singapore

UBER is a registered company in partnership with Lion City Rental, have together accrued an authorised capital of S$100. The company offers a franchise of rental cars for those who wish to work as a taxi driver under the trademark UBER. It is common knowledge that buying a car in Singapore is expensive.…

The Singapore economy has grown due to construction

The economy in Singapore has been developing faster than previously anticipated for the first quarter of 2015. Experts list growth in construction and retail trade fields to have moved the reduction in production to be among the key reasons for the growth.

OECD: Asian economy continues to grow

The recent annual report by the OECD has been focused on the analysis of integration processes and economic development on the Asian continent.

Singapore named the happiest nation in the world

According to the World Happiness Report 2015, Singapore has been named as one of the 25 happiest countries in the world and the happiest country in Asia. And although this statement could only result in an ironic smile for Singaporeans, today this scepticism has caused sincere smiles.

Sudden growth of exports last month surprises Singapore

In addition to non-digital deliveries, non-oil exports in Singapore have also unexpectedly grown last month in April.

SINGAPORE: New bus operator will hopefully improve public transport

Awarding the winning bid to a more costly purchaser shows that the Singapore government is looking to place greater value on quality rather than cost, analyst’s state.

Eltoma Corporate Services has been approved as a Filling Agent

Eltoma Corporate Services has been approved as a Filling Agent in Singapore as per the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Act! The criteria for qualification can be any of the following: • Qualified Advocates & solicitors.• A public Accountant registered under the Accountants Act.• A member…