The last remaining Russian bond seller has just left Singapore

Russians used to be the biggest sellers of Singapore dollar bonds outside Asia only four years ago, as of this week; the last remaining shareholder has removed his investment.

Singapore banks offering higher fixed deposit rates

The stricter regulations regarding the balance each account holds and upcoming Savings Bonds for Singapore banks might be increasing the competition for the lending rate in an attempt to get more fixed deposits.

Singapore support local PMEs by inspecting firms who hire foreign workers

The MOM has announced plans this week to introduce measures to give more support for local Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) in a new initiative to strengthen the Singaporean workforce core.

Survey finds 5 hardest occupations to fill in Singapore

The global workforce expert in Singapore, Manpower Group has identified the top five vacancies within the workplace that Singaporean firms are hardest to recruit for.

Malaysian traffic police asked for over 4,000 fines from Singapore motorists

Malaysian traffic police have been asking for payment for traffic fines from Singapore motorists in a figure which has been reported to be close to collecting 4,200 different instances in an operation that began last week. Mostly the fines were for speeding offences and drivers had been summoned to…

SINGAPORE: economists lower growth forecast in MAS survey

Economists in the private sector polled in the quarterly survey say they expect Singapore’s economy to grow 2.7% this year, down slightly from a previous forecast of 2.8%. Experts are now less optimistic about the growth outlook for the Singapore economy this year, and have moderated their growth expectations…

Less jobs in Singapore as firms rely on fewer staff members

The stricter foreign worker policies are making businesses change the way they work. This may finally be making an impact through the wider economy in Asia, with companies relying less on manpower and restructuring their processes accordingly in order to cope.

Asian investment bank infrastructure designed by the IMF starts to take shape

On May 22nd Singapore hosted the three-day meetings between IMF representatives on behalf of the 57 countries that have accepted to participate in the formation of the Bank. Charter Bank will be signed by the end of June 2015 onwards.