Big expectations for Singapore tourism industry in 2015

Despite the fact that visitor arrival rates dropped during the first two quarters of 2015, Singapore is expecting to draw more than 15 million tourists during the rest of the current year.

Water saving Singapore inspires the world

Could you imagine half a city-state soaking up rain like a giant sponge, where no water goes to waste? In Singapore it is not an imaginary scenario, it’s an amazing fact.

Singapore house prices dropped during Q2

According to Knight Frank’s Global House Price Index, Singapore posted the second-highest drop in private home prices among Asian countries in the last quarter, with only China coming behind.

Singapore: Strong demand on property loans

According to the data from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), loans and advances by domestic banks have amounted to S$610.4 billion only for the last month.

As the SG50 commemorative notes sets have been released, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has realised that they made an unbelievable mistake of misspelling the name of Singapore’s first President Yusof Ishak.

Singapore dollar weakens after Yuan’s devaluation

The devaluation of China’s currency for second day in a row, has had a negative effect on the Singapore dollar, resulting in the country's currency hitting its weakest level since June 2010.

Singapore celebrates Golden Jubilee

“Today the whole nation celebrates. Glad so many are joining in all the events. We celebrate as one people, one nation, one Singapore” quoted the Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

SINGAPORE: Concern for Malaysian water supply

Singaporeans need to start reducing their water usage, even more so at the moment, as a result of the dry weather that is affecting the country’s major supply, as the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources stated.