The Russian-Cypriot Gala: promoting strong country ties

The Russian-Cypriot Annual Gala is due to held on the 12th of September at the Presidential Palace, with the purpose of developing closer ties between the two countries.

Russian smart phone Yotaphone moving into the Chinese market

Russian manufacturer of smart phones, Yota have revealed plans to press other manufacturers in the Chinese market, in order to expand to this new continent. This statement was made by the founder and CEO of the company, Vlad Martynov at a meeting, which was held at the Russian embassy in Beijing. The…

Disobedient airline passengers in China will be added to a black list

Russia isn’t the only country where aircrafts have to carry out a forced early landing as a result of violent passengers causing riots while in the air. China also suffers from this. In an attempt to nip this so called “riot in the air” behaviour in the bud, the Chinese authorities have started to provide…

Vietnam plans to increase foreign trade turnover with Russia to $20 billion annually by 2020

After signing a free trade agreement with Europe-ASEAN alliance, Vietnam have the opportunity to bring the trade turnover with Russia to US$20 billion per year by 2020,  the President of the Alliance Europe-ASEAN has reported, as such signing of an agreement will remove barriers to allow free trade between…

Putin wants to keep foreign companies in the state procurement system

The president of Russia, Mr Vladimir Putin has spoken publicly, stating that it would be wrong to expel foreign-funded companies from the system of state procurement. It has been aired within the "Business Russia" forum and broadcast on the Russia 24 channel.

Russia still plays active role in foreign investments

Despite the sanctions, Russia continues to play an active role of investing in foreign countries. According to the UN Conference on trade & development (UNCTAD) published on Monday, Russia is in sixth place worldwide for the volume of external investments.

EU alleges gas price extortion from Russian company Gazprom

Disagreements between the Europe and Russia came to a head last week, as the European Union launched a legal investigation into Gazprom, creating tension with Moscow as it accused the gas company of overpricing gas for purchasers in Eastern Europe and hindering free market competition.

US considers the implications of Cyprus’ relations with Russia

Ms Marie Harf, the Deputy Spokesperson for the US Department of State, has stated that this is not the time for “business as usual with Russia” when asked to comment on the recent visit of President Nicos Anastasiades to Russia.

Russia cuts interest rates in attempt to avoid further economic decline

Russia cut interest rates on Friday last week in a move intended to stop the economy from falling even deeper into recession, which surprised economists and authorities alike. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation announced that it was cutting its lending rate from 17% to 14%, giving greater priority to ensure a prolonged decline is avoided, as opposed to fighting inflation or supporting the ruble.

Russian navy to use Cypriot ports as ties are strengthened

An outcome of President Anastasiades’ visit to Russia has been announced, stating that Cyprus has signed an agreement which permits Russian navy ships to access ports in Cyprus. The deal has arisen amid conflicts between Russia and Western countries over the Ukrainian conflict continue. Both leaders were happy to explain that other countries should not be concerned and that the port's main use would be for anti-piracy and counter-terrorism purposes.