British Business Bank supports alternative lending for SMEs

Shire Leasing has received an £80 million boost thanks to an investment by the British Business Bank and the private sector which will revolutionise SME funding.

Cyprus banks prepare for stress tests from ECB

Four main Cypriot banks (Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank, the Cooperative Central Bank and RCB) are undergoing the European Central Bank’s stress-testing simulation exercise to determine whether they have sufficient capital in the event of various economic scenarios.

ECB bank funding programme falls short of projections

A European Central Bank measure designed to stimulate the EU economy has seen a low initial take-up by banks from the Eurozone. The cheap loans to banks have been designed to encourage lending and strengthen the economy, but most banks declined to accept the cheap liquidity offer; with only €82.6bn used by 255 banks out of a total of €400bn.