Property transactions in Cyprus have dropped

In August, the number of property transactions fell to 301, 10% lower than August 2014 on a sales drop in Limassol, Famagusta and Nicosia, as the department of lands stated.

Occupied Trikomo is planning to become a Chinese village

As a Turkish Cypriot media reported, occupied Trikomo has attracted the close interest of Chinese investors. As stated by the TC newspaper, the Chinese investors are looking into all British, Russian and Scandinavian interest.

Bank of Cyprus initiates foreclosure procedures on NPLs

The largest lender on the island, Bank of Cyprus, is the first to seek to foreclose on collateralised real property in more than twenty cases concerning non-performing loans (NPLs) collectively worth around €85 million.

Cyprus awarding highest salaries for Judges and Teachers

A report issued by the Treasury revealed that employees on the state payroll in Cyprus are totaling almost 40,000 on average and a monthly gross salary of €2.398.

Administrative Court in Cyprus due to open in December

After parliaments approval, the Administrative Court in Cyprus is expected to start its operation by December as the justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou has revealed.

Ayia Napa hotels and apartments under attack from burglars

After the declaration of Cyprus as one of the safest countries in the world, a series of burglaries amounting to €40,000 have shocked the integrity of the surveys results.

Limassol port to be auctioned to the private sector

Around thirty-five privately owned companies were selected in order to denationalise the Limassol port, with final negotiations to be expected in December.

Cyprus voted one of the top 5 safest countries in the world

Cyprus has been declared one of the safest countries in the world following Switzerland, Singapore, Spain and Japan. Another outstanding statistic is Cyprus has been ranked as being the number one safest places to live and visit among the countries with a population of under 5 million.

Cyprus is hosting the Maritime conference

Every two years, Limassol host's it's bi-annual Maritime Cyprus conference, and will hold it this year in September.

Cyprus and Iran to form double taxation treaty

A double taxation treaty and another tax evasion restriction was signed last week between Cyprus and Iran, which is setting the foundation for cooperation between the two countries.