Violence against medical personnel in China

According to statistics, approximately 70% of medical staff working in hospitals are subject to regular verbal abuse and 13% of staff had experienced physical violence from patients or patients families. This data was published in the White Paper of the Chinese Medical Association in an attempt to raise…

The IMF no longer believes the Chinese yuan is undervalued

On May 26th the head of the IMF released a statement saying that it no longer considers the yuan to be an underestimated currency. The statement was made after the yuan had risen against other currencies over the past 12 months.  

Russian smart phone Yotaphone moving into the Chinese market

Russian manufacturer of smart phones, Yota have revealed plans to press other manufacturers in the Chinese market, in order to expand to this new continent. This statement was made by the founder and CEO of the company, Vlad Martynov at a meeting, which was held at the Russian embassy in Beijing. The…

Disobedient airline passengers in China will be added to a black list

Russia isn’t the only country where aircrafts have to carry out a forced early landing as a result of violent passengers causing riots while in the air. China also suffers from this. In an attempt to nip this so called “riot in the air” behaviour in the bud, the Chinese authorities have started to provide…

Robots in China

China is striving to be the first country to enter the production market with the use of fully functional industrial robots, they are predicting by 2030. In 2014, about 57,000 industrial robots were produced worldwide. Out of this number, about 25% of these industrial robots were sold to China, which…

The Chinese stock market displays phenomenal unsteadiness

The Chinese stock market has grown very quickly recently, and Chinese companies show phenomenal profitability. However the Chinese miracle could come to an end with a big collapse. The Chinese actions in relation to bonds has become the most expensive for the last 6 years. As per Bloomberg's data,…

China & India named the largest shareholders of a new bank.

According to the delegates of the AIIB founders meeting, China will likely have a 25-30% share in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and India probably will be the second large shareholder.

China & the US continue to exchange data regarding espionage

The US have been suspicious of China's activities in relation to stealing secret information and espionage activities.The authorities in the states have commenced legal proceedings on a group of Chinese citizens for economic espionage and theft of trade secrets.

China: creates new definition to help calculate taxable income

Tax officials in China have issued a statement which lays out new guidelines regarding individuals' tax accountability on the disposal of personal non-monetary asset investments, including shares and land & property. Taxable income from the transfer of non-monetary assets is now defined has now been…

Chinese SMEs ready to join global manufacturing competition

Many Chinese manufacturing companies (mainly small & medium sized enterprises SMEs) are looking to expand to new continents, with increasing manufacturing capabilities & a desire to develop to their business being the catalyst for such confident growth.