Singapore dollar weakens after Yuan’s devaluation

The devaluation of China’s currency for second day in a row, has had a negative effect on the Singapore dollar, resulting in the country's currency hitting its weakest level since June 2010.

People’s Bank of China devalues Yuan

People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has devalued its currency, setting the midpoint at 6.2298 on Tuesday, a level of 1.85% weaker than on Monday.

Deflation threat returns to Asia

The deflation scare of the past year has resumed with a vengeance since the oil and commodity markets remain on a sliding slope.

Shares in mainland China slowly on the rise

Shares in mainland China have been slowly on the rise as increased efforts to strengthen the market from its recent dip have stimulated new investments.

Direct flights from China to Cyprus set to be implemented

The Government of Cyprus is negotiating with Chinese airline China East Airlines to arrange for direct flights to Larnaca from Shanghai. It is hoped this will encourage more Asian tourists to visit Cyprus and Europe in general. Perhaps, soon we will be celebrating the opening of “Little China” in Cyprus…

The online trading platform giant, Alibaba in association with Chinese company Cinda Assets Management will start the discount sales of nonperforming loans (NPLs), it is estimated that nonperforming loans will be sold at US $645 million.

US schools more likely to expel Chinese students

According to research, schools in the United States were found to be more likely to expel Chinese students for poor academic performance. It is estimated that about 8,000 Chinese students, or about 3% of the total student body in the US, have been expelled from schools for poor performance in 2015 .