New trio of towers changing the face of Limassol

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Cybarco states that it has helped change the face of Limassol is now in the process of constructing a trio of towers in the centre of the city.

The ‘Trilogy’ project undertaken by Cybarco, takes up a total of 21,500 square metres of land, with the towers ranging from 36 to 39 levels, reaching a height of 161 meters.

The biggest attraction for such high buildings for office space or residential apartments is the magnificent view of the sea as said by the Cybarco development CEO Michalis Hadjipanayiotou stated. According to the CEO, each tower boasts its very own gym and spa for their residents as well as both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Following this, Hadjipanayiotou went on to explain that 30% of the buyers are local with clientele also from Europe and the Middle East.

Moreover, a secluded oasis lies in between the three towers, which spans more than 7,500 square metres with a tennis court, children’s play area, swimming pools, pool bar and landscaped gardens.