Browder Seeks Injunction to Stop Cyprus working with Russia

The founder of Hermitage Capital, Bill Browder, has stated that Cyprus should cease the collaboration with Moscow in the case against him and rather offer support to other countries who are tracking illegal Russian funds.

Bill Browder and his partner Ivan Cherkasov are involved in a Russian politically stimulated criminal proceeding. Browder is at the core of a global campaign for justice within the case of Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer who died in prison after revealing a multi-million tax fraud eight years ago in Russia. The investor and now activist is now pursuing an emergency injunction, in order to stop Cyprus from working with Russia, at the district court in Nicosia.

According to Browder, Cypriot police officers, alongside the Russian police, invaded former Hermitage lawyers offices looking for relevant documents referring to many affiliated businesses. He states that the police were misinformed and are not operating in line with Interpol and the governments in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands.



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