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What worries Singapore businesses most?

An opinion poll showed that most Singapore businesses are concerned with high rental payments for office and commercial real estate, professional training costs and bank financing difficulties. Well, the same can be said for everyone else!

In fact, not all Turkish Cypriots have Turkish origin. During the age of the Ottoman rule, some Greek Cypriots voluntarily became Muslims due to various reasons. And now, what worries Greeks most about Cyprus reunification is the issue with Turkish emigrants, who can take all their family members to…

Defense tax in Cyprus

Cyprus has this troublesome defense tax deducted from the passive income of tax residents. Essentially, until January 31st, a tax declaration on dividend distribution from  the fiscal year 2013 has to be submitted. In case a Cyprus company fails to distribute dividends from 70% of its profit within 2…

Cyprus banks are heavily involved in the restructuring process with respect to non-performing loans that make up to 50% of the total  bank credit portfolios. As was reported by the Bank of Cyprus, it managed to restructure over €1bn in 2015. This amount included the debts of Zavos Group and Pafilia Property…

It is widely known that one can become Buddha during their lifetime. That’s the beauty of Buddhism. So Chinese Representatives decided to enumerate all official Buddha embodiments, to reduce fraud connected with alms collection.

In 2015, about 1,000 suspects were returned to China to be investigated and sentenced, the local Ministry of Internal Affairs said. It’s interesting to know that the number of actions brought against corrupt suspects throughout the year slid down to below 1,000. 

Officials at the Bank of Cyprus are gradually pursuing plans to enter LSE. The Bank was recently reported to have registered a holding company in Ireland. What on earth didn’t they like about the Cyprus holding? It means control over the Bank of Cyprus is most likely to gradually be taken by foreigners…

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