Micro News

In the third quarter of 2016 42.8 million new computers were sold. It is currently 5.7% lower than in the same period for the previous year. Computer manufacturers are facing falling demand from educational institutions and businesses in developing countries. While the number of computers per capita…

Fundamental problems of European banks

The IMF has already openly called for reforms in the European banking system. Major problems in the current banking system are the high percentage of NPLs (non-performing loans); low rates on existing loans; not giving the banks as much profit on loans as before; the sharp drop in the number of new business…

Presidents of Northern and Southern Cyprus are continuing their negotiations on Cyprus reunification. The agenda includes a number of citizens from each side. Greek Cypriots are concerned with the emigrants from Turkey that have already been given or going to be given Cyprus passports by the self-declared…

Following the Deutsche Bank announcement on the redundancy of 10,000 employees, ING and Commerzbank also plan to reduce their workforce by 5,800 and 9,600 employees respectively to cut operational costs. Downsizing will mainly concern European offices. 

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