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Micro News

Samsung is still trying to investigate the cases of the new highly anticipated Note 7 catching fire and exploding in users’ pockets. As experts say, the reason lies with the unit’s being ‘packed’ with all possible hardware in attempt to make it compact but still powerful. As an ultimate safety precaution,…

The New Zealand Inland Revenue has applied to local financial specialists requiring them to consider and inform them on particular cases that are not supposed to be covered by the automatic exchange of information project. The respective agreement drafted by the OECD includes a provision on special cases…

A register of Ultimate Beneficiaries for Irish companies similar to that of the UK was created in Ireland. Now Irish companies are required to have comprehensive information on Beneficial Owners and submit it immediately upon the requirement of local tax authorities. A new law, which came into effect…

UAE to join FATCA from January 2017

Despite expectations, the UAE are gradually introducing regulations regarding the automatic exchange of information agreement. Pursuant to FATCA requirements, as of January 1st 2017, all data with respect to US citizens living in UAE will be collected. The automatic exchange of information on non-residents…

Pursuant to the law, all tax residents of Israel must pay taxes to the Treasury if they own a shareholding of over 50% in a company or have ownership rights of 50% of an overseas company’s income in a country with the tax rate of less than 15%. 

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