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Micro News

Although Hong Kong has the reputation of a city thats easy to do business with, including its own UK-style independent legal system furnished with light-handed regulation, discretion and non-cooperation with foreign tax authorities and finally its semi-autonomous character from China; its reputation…

Brexit: Lack of time for Banks

Banks in Europe and United Kingdom have no time to be prepared for the exit of Britain from the European Union. European Central Bank’s supervisor mentioned that there only little time left. Banks in Great Britain will lose their access to European Market as soon as United Kingdom becomes a third party…

China to Step Up Cryptocurrency Crackdown

In light of a new crackdown on cyptocurrency, the state media of China report a stamp out of the remaining trading in over-the-counter trading platforms, peer-to-peer networks and where large exchanges occur and firms trade overseas. Indeed, following last year’s crackdown the new plans will very much…

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