Micro News

Micro News

In September 2016, migrants from Bangladesh transferred only US$1Bn to their home country, which is 22% less than the same period a year earlier. The income of Bangladesh workers employed in the Middle East refining sector went down as global oil prices lowered. 

Thailand prefers tourism through sport

Thailand plans to develop its tourism for sport. Generally, tourism provides a major contribution to the country’s revenue. In 2015, it produced US$63Bn in returns, which makes up 16.5% of Thai GDP. 

China reinforces cooperation with Belarus

On September 29th, 2016, the two countries signed 26 intergovernmental agreements that are intended to become legal grounds for Chinese investments to the Republic of Belarus and enhance joint trading.

BNP Paribas reported Singapore to be the only Asian country that showed a negative dynamic of nominal GDP in 2016. Nominal GDP is a locally priced gross domestic product without an inflation adjustment. The decline is attributable to high rental rates and labour costs, as well as a reduction in demand.

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