Micro News

Mr Jack Ma the Founder and Chairman of Alibaba; China’s largest e-commerce platform, has come forward with a lesson he apparently learned the hard way when Alibaba was just a small start-up company. The lesson is the following:  it can be quite detrimental to the success of a start-up, to hire top executives…

According to Christian Kälin, Henley & Partners’ Group Chairman, the global residence and citizenship programs continue to generate a lot of interest as the investment migration industry is prospering. The Global Citizenship and Residence program ranked Singapore 17th worldwide for its Residence Through…

The 10 years of stagnation that followed the 2007-2008 global financial crisis has led UK government officials and decision makers to the realisation that the economy needs a new strategic direction. After the crisis, a so-called productivity crisis has unraveled as productivity rates have also plummeted.…

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