Mauritius PM refutes all money laundering allegations

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On Tuesday the Prime Minister released a statement confirming that no money laundering is taking place through his jurisdiction, and they are providing India all the information sought.
In response to a question about the impact of the new ‘black money law’ and the double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) that the Indian government is planning to validate with Mauritius, Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth (archive photo) refuted allegations made regarding the involvement of Mauritius in any money laundering activities.

‘There is no money laundering going on. The numbers about so called ‘black money’ are exaggerated. Our financial system is very transparent. We have many laws in place to ensure that there’s no corruption’.

– Anerood Jugnauth, Mauritius’ Prime Minister.

The issue has seen broad media coverage in India the recent weeks, with the PM suggesting that the drafting of a new black money law by the Indian government targeting Mauritius is unnecessary. “There is no money laundering happening within my nation’ said the PM.

With regards to the double taxation avoidance agreement between Mauritius and India, Anerood Jugnauth asserted that the treaty has existed for a long time between the two countries and it performs very well, adding that his nation is happy with the treaty’s provision and that India will keep the treaty as it currently is.