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Significant changes to the commercial and company law in Singapore have come into effect. The changes to the Singapore Companies Act will hopefully make business entities more transparent as well as mitigating the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Singapore Budget 2016

Last month, Singapore’s Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat unveiled the 2016 budget. This year the notable points for discussion focused on innovation and enterprise. A large section of the budget has been allocated towards the need for growth in Singapore businesses to an international level, as well as keeping up with developing modern technology.

MAS: important changes to current legislation on company mergers

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has issued amendments to the current legislation regarding company mergers and commercial take-overs as per section 139 of the Securities and Futures Act in Singapore.

The Ultimate Guide to Annual General Meetings for Singapore Companies

Being unaware of Compliance Matters in Singapore could end up with Business Owners and founders of Singapore companies heading to Court, as ACRA puts a stop on companies that consistently do not hold an Annual General Meetings or AGM.

Singapore: Taxation of Shipping Owners

Ship owners enjoy tax exemption on specified income derived from the operation of a Singapore-flagged or foreign flagged vessel under Section 13A and 13 F of the Singapore Income Tax Act (SITA).

Taxation of shipping operators in Singapore

A shipping operator who operates Singapore ships or foreign ships can enjoy exemption of specified income as a ‘shipping enterprise’ under Section 13A of the SITA.

Registration of Singapore flagged vessels: How to guide

Registration is open to all types of ships which includes offshore vessels like oil rigs and floating platforms. The vessel should be less than 17 years old and classed with any of the nine recognised classification societies.

Permanent Establishment in Singapore: Withholding tax & technical assistance fees

Section 2(1) of the Singapore Income Tax Act (SITA) defines a PE to mean a fixed place where a business is wholly or partly carried out including a place of management, a branch, an office, a factory, a warehouse, a workshop, a farm or plantation, a mine, oil well, quarry or other place of extraction of natural resources, a building or work site or a construction, installation or assembly project.

Shipping companies: why choose Singapore?

In a bid to make Singapore a shipping hub, various incentives were introduced to make it attractive to have shipping activities in Singapore. Essentially the provisions that govern the exemption of shipping activities in Singapore are found in Section 13A and Section 13F of the Singapore Income Tax Act (SITA).