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Cyprus' AML Evaluation: Key Points from the US State Department Report

According to a recent report published by the US State Department’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) unit, Cyprus continues to upgrade its established AML legal framework, while authorities successfully 26 individuals and entities for money laundering related offences in 2018.

EU Tax List: The Consolidated List of High-Risk Countries

The below list is an EU-provided of high risk third countries; including the non-cooperative and other monitored jurisdictions that have been officially identified by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Fiduciary Duties Owed by Senior Employees, Managers & Directors to a Company

The following article will examine various duties of loyalty to a business that are owed by Senior Employees, partners, Company Directors, and mere employees using supporting legislation from the Companies Act 2006 and principles established from UK common law cases.

How Cyprus Has Been Changing the Gloomy Economic Forecast in 2019

Recently, the Cyprus economy has seen relatively steady growth rates and booming tourism levels over the last few years. The relatively high increase of GDP can be attributed to a number of factors: declining official unemployment rates; surplus government funds and the raising of large financial deals in international markets.

The recent shift to software-driven accounting allows businesses from the UK and mainland Europe to shift their processes to Russia & Ukraine; taking advantage of cheaper office upkeep and facilitating the cloud to share data across offices on an international level.

Cyprus & BVI: The Countries That Are Revolutionising Global Tax Planning

When it comes to trust settlement and administration, both Cyprus and the BVI have modern and efficient trust legislation that can efficiently facilitate the establishment and operation of companies and international trusts. This in combination with their respective company structures, offer efficient and comprehensive estate planning and asset protection.

Cyprus vs BVI: A Company Comparison Quick Guide

A recent competency questionnaire between company directors showed a global shift towards a higher fiscal responsibility behaviours and morals and a trend to complete tax responsibilities.

How to Set-up an ICO in Singapore

Singapore is a key cryptocurrency industry player, positioning itself as a global hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain-based companies and start-ups. Singapore provides a well-regulated legal framework as well as all the benefits of a stable financial centre with a reliable reputation, excellent banking…

Are Singapore Virtual Currency Exchanges Regulated by the Futures & securities Act?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued a statement clarifying that the offer or issue of digital tokens in Singapore will be regulated by the MAS, if the digital tokens fall within the definition of “securities” regulated under the security laws. MAS’s position is not to regulate virtual currencies. MAS has observed that the function of digital tokens has evolved beyond just being a virtual currency.