Fee Schedule

Description Fee (USD) Additional Information
Company Incorporation 1,100.00  
    Government Fees
    Certificate of Incorporation
    Resolution of Directors Appointment
    Minutes of First Meeting
    Register of Directors & Shareholders
    Share Certificates
    Maintenance of Registers
    Corporate Document Set with Apostille (standard 8 -
10 days)
    Company Stamp
  Express Apostil (2 – 4 days) is
*$ 550.00 additional to standard rate
*Renewal Fees: 350.00  
    Registered Office
    Registered Agent
    Filing of annual returns
Annual Nominee Fees:    
Individual Cypriot Nominee Director
Corporate Belize Nominee Director
Individual Cypriot Nominee Shareholder
Corporate Belize Nominee Shareholder
POA is not included in the service
Bank Account:    
Cyprus Bank Account Opening
Bank Accounts in other jurisdictions
Quoted for on a case
by case basis Quoted for on a case by case basis
No Visit required
Additional Services:    
Changing/adding/removing of Director or Shareholder 150.00  
Apostille of Documents – Standard 300.00 Includes Notarization. Fee Per
Document or per bundle (8-10 days)
Apostille of Documents – Express 575.00 Includes Notarization. Fee Per Document or per bundle (2-4 days)
Certificate of Good Standing
    Including Apostille & Courier
Certificate of Incumbency
    Including Apostille(standard) & Courier
Description Fee (USD) Additional Information

Power of Attorney

   Including Apostille & Courier
   Without Apostille, Including Courier




For Cypriot and Corporate

Virtual Office Services in UK:
    Mail Address
    Mail Forwarding
    Re-Invoicing Service
350.00 Annual maintenance Fee.
(Holborn Address Only)
150 USD credit Top-Up required (deposit)
3.50 Additional charges apply for scanning (per page)
Courier dispatch is at additional cost

Compliance service charges 

Introduction Compliance Fee for New Clients

Annual Compliance Review 

Compliance Service Fee for all post company incorporation services involving new persons or legal entities.




US$60 – US$120 


Charged with June 2016 Company Renewal fee onwards.

Price depends on complexity of the case.

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