Singapore Corporate Access: CorpPass

Singapore Corporate Access (CorpPass) is the digital identity for Singapore businesses and is the official login method for Singapore companies to complete online corporate transactions with the Government. As of September 1st 2018, SingPass and EASY will become redundant login methods for all companies.

CorpPass gives Singapore companies more online services and transactions to be provided conveniently and securely by:

  • Segregating login IDs used for both corporate & personal transactions.
  • Enhancing general personal privacy.
  • Protection while managing sensitive business information.

Currently as long as local entities have a Unique Entity Number (UEN) they are eligible to register and foreign entities without a local UEN can also register.

Singapore Company Registration for CorpPass

The registration steps are fairly straight forward, the guide for how to sign-up is as follows:

1.      The UEN or Singpass Register Officer (RO) can log into their account using the Corppass website.

2.      Create the CorpPass user account online.

3.      Register a CorpPass Admin account for the business.

This stage can only be completed by the Register Officer, or an admin nominated on behalf of the RO. However, this is not required if the CorpPass admin has been granted access to all digital services for previous IRAS transactions. All EASY records have been migrated to facilitate the creation of the CorpPass User Account.

4.       Identify CorpPass roles within your company.

Whether you are a registered officer, CorpPass Admin, or a CorpPass user. Anyone registered with the companies UEN can be the Registered Officer and CorpPass Admin.

5.      Assign IRAS digital services to CorpPass Admin.

This step is not required if the CorpPass Admin or user responsible to transact with IRAS has been granted access to all digital services.

*If your company has previously authorised a third party agent to handle any administrative or taxation matters in EASY, there is no need to re-authorise him / her in CorpPass.

Going forward, all Singapore companies must first be authorised via CorpPass before they can log into IRAS digital services.

These include:

  • GST, corporate or property tax filing and payment.
  • Submission of income, donation or commission records.
  • Withholding Tax forms.
  • PIC Cash payment.
  • Partnership or tax clearance forms.
  • E-Stamping.
  • Automatic Exchange of Information (including CRS & FATCA).

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