Filing Agent Status in Singapore

Eltoma Corporate Services has been approved as a Filing Agent and would be more than happy to assist with any of your Singapore Company filing requirements upon transfer in.

Filing Agent Status in Singapore Source image: / CC by 2.0

In order to transfer a Singapore company under Eltoma Corporate Services maintenance the following documentation must be provided:

  • Financial/accounting reports for the last period.
  • All KYC documentation i.e. passport & proof of address for all relevant parties involved.
  • Complete set of corporate documents.
  • We will need to amend the registered address, registered secretary and if there are any nominee Directors or Shareholder they will also need to be altered.

Transfer process details:

1. We must receive an authorised instruction letter executed by the beneficial owner and addressed to the previous agent, informing them that the beneficial owner wishes to terminate his services with that agent and transfer the company under our management; instructing the previous agent to execute any relevant documents that may be requested in order to generate the transfer and to eventually deliver the company file.

2. Following the receipt of the signed instruction letter, we will provide the previous agent with a list of requested documents to be delivered.

3. We will then prepare the transfer documents and request the previous agent to sign them wherever applicable. If the client wishes to appoint nominees, we can also arrange for the preparation of said documents.

4. We arrange for the relevant company file to be sent and prepare a list for the received documents to ensure everything is complete. If anything is missing we can follow up with the previous agent.

5. The company is validly transferred under our management.

Please email us at info@eltoma-global for any enquiries.

Or alternatively contact us to learn more about the corporate compliance requirements in Singapore.

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