Financial License

Eltoma can help you become a Full Service Investment Dealer that is licensed in Mauritius.

This license will allow you to provide the following services:

  • Act as an intermediary in the execution of securities transactions for clients;
  • Trade in securities as principal with the intention of reselling these securities to the public;
  • Give investment advice which is ancillary to the normal course of his business activities; and
  • Manage portfolios of clients

The minimum capital requirement shall be Rs 1,000,000 equivalent to USD 34,000.



The company will need to be structured as a company holding a Global Business Category One License (GBL1). The Forex dealing activities falls under the Investment Dealer category. GBL1 are governed by the Income Tax Act 1995, under which they are taxed at the flat rate of 15%. Mauritius law allows an underlying foreign tax credit, equal to the amount of foreign taxes paid, up to the amount of tax due in Mauritius. In the absence of proof, the amount of foreign tax paid is presumed to be 80% of the Mauritius tax. The effective tax rate can thereby be reduced to a maximum of 3%. There is no capital gains tax, nor withholding tax on dividends and interest paid to non-residents.


Description of services provided by Eltoma’s Associate in Mauritius:

A. The Company’s Registered Office

B.  Two (or such other number as may be mutually agreed) persons residing in Mauritius and who shall be persons of appropriate calibre to exercise independence of mind and judgment to be directors of the Company.

C.  The administration of the Company.

D.  Act as Corporate Secretary for the Company.

E.  Assist in opening one (or more) bank account(s) in the name of the Company, its principal bank account being opened with a bank in Mauritius.

F.  Treat as confidential all information exchanged with the Client.

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