Fee Schedule

Service Year 1 Year 2 Additional
Company Incorporation:
-      Holding Co
Standard document set includes:
·     Memorandum and Articles of Association
·     Certificate of Incorporation
·     Share Certificates
*Please refer to KEY NOTES outlining general requirement for company formation set of services
€850 N/A   Please kindly note:
*Additional Governmental fee apply annually (payable to the Registry of Companies (RoC)). Fees depend on the amount of authorized share capital.
**RoC fees for setting up a Company with an authorized share    capital    of    up    to    €
1,500.00 are € 245.00.
***Min.20% of share capital must be paid up into a bank account prior to the incorporation
****Apostilliation of the documents is not included.
Annual Maintenance Fee €450 €450   *Additional Governmental fee applies   annually   (payable   to the Registry of Companies (RoC)). Fees depend on the amount of authorized share capital.
Provision of secretarial services
-              Holding Co
€650 €650   Obligatory requirement
Provision of registered office services
-              Holding Co
€650 €650   Obligatory requirement
Apostil     €200 In one bundle:
Certificate of Incorporation and
Company stamp (rubber)     €210  
Nominee Director                                                                                                                                   *POA is not included
Maltese licensed entity (corporate):
-              Holding Co
€1260 €1260   Signing Documents:
The fee would depend on the document being signed. If the documents needs to be reviewed thoroughly before signing the corporate rate of €95 per hour would apply. If the document is a complex one and requires specific advice from the partners the hourly rate could increase up to €200. We would always inform you if the higher rate applies.
Nominee Shareholder      
Maltese licensed entity (corporate):   € 1,260 € 1,260    The fee would depend on the document being signed.
Bank Account       
Opening of a corporate bank account (local bank account only)     €550 This fee is for local bank, we will be able to quote for foreign banks on a case by case basis)
This fee for €550 covers 4 hours of work, additional hours charged at €85 per hour
Other jurisdictions available        Please refer to website for complete list (www.eltoma-global.com)
Change of director or secretary     € 180  
Change of Registered office     € 150  
Change of shareholder/share transfer     € 200  
Change of Beneficial Owner     € 200  
Change in authorised/issued share capital     € 250  
Changing of Name     € 150  
Company resolutions     € 150  
Amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association price indicated per hour     € 150  
Increase of authorised share capital     € 250  
Specific Power of Attorney     € 250  
General Power of Attorney     Not applicable  
Certificate of Good Standing     € 100 Inclusive of Registry charges
Service Year 1 Year 2 Additional
Certificate of Incumbency     €150  
Tax Residency Certificate     €250  
Certified copies of annual returns or
financial statements (inclusive of
Registry charges)
Copy of Memorandum and Articles of
Association (inclusive of Registry charges)
Additional Services
Notarisation of documents     €100 For one signature
Apostilliation of documents     €135 Per document
€200 In one bundle:
Certificate of Incorporation and M&As
Certification of documents by lawyer/officer     €100  
VAT registration N/A N/A N/A N/A
Request information from Registrar     €95 per hour This would depend on the
time spent, charged at €95 per hour
Execution of documents by local
nominee director
    €95 per hour This would depend on the
time spent and complexity of
document (in case legal review required)
Income Tax Compliance:
-              Holding Co
Registration of the Company with the
International Tax Unit
Accountancy/Bookkeeping Fees     Quotation Based on transactions &
Audit     Quotation  
Local Courier     €35  
Overseas Courier     €110  
Compliance service charges         
Introduction Compliance Fee for New Clients     €200  
Annual Compliance Review      €100 Charged with June 2016 Company Renewal fee onwards.
Compliance Service Fee for all post company incorporation services involving new persons or legal entities.     €50-100 Price depends on complexity of the case.

* Please note – all fees exclude VAT (19%). VAT will be added where applicable. 



Type of Company

Number of Transactions  Note 3

Amount -  EUR

Amount -  SGD

Amount -USD

Standard fee – Dormant Company(Note 6)






Up to 10

Up to 450

Up to 780

Up to 620


Up to 30

Up to 600

Up to 1000

Up to 800


Up to 50

Up to 700

Up to 1200

Up to 950


Up to 100

Up to 1000

Up to 1720

Up to 1350


Up to 200

Up to 1400

Up to 2400

Up to 1875


Above 200

Note 7

Note 7

Note 7



  1. The above fees exclude VAT (19%).
  2. Any out of pocket expenses are excluded.
  3. The number of transactions is calculated by taking into account the following:
  • No of sale invoices
  • No of purchase invoices
  • No of Bank transactions (payments, receipts, bank charges and bank interest)
  • No of other transactions (administrative expenses, selling and distribution expenses, depreciation, taxes etc.)               

For example: A company at its financial year from 1/1/2012 until 31/12/2012 had 6 sale invoices and 6 purchase invoices that were paid through bank transfers (and therefore 3 bank deposits and 3 bank payments), 4 quarterly bank interest, 4 quarterly bank charges and 7 other transactions (1 audit invoice, 1 bookkeeping invoice, 1 director fees invoice, 1 secretary fees invoice, 1 utility bill payment, 1 tax payment and 1 Company House Levy payment) that were paid in cash. The total number of transactions is calculated as follows:


Transaction type


Sale transactions


Purchase transactions


Bank transactions (6+6+4+4)


Other transactions





Therefore for this company for the bookkeeping for the year from 1/1/2012 until 31/12/2012 the total of transactions is 39 (Up to 50 transactions) and an indicative quotation is as follows:




Standard fee


39 transactions (700-350)*39/50=






  1. The above fees are given for indication purposes only and cannot be considered as final. Final quotations will be given upon presentation of the appropriate documentation. These will be based on complexity of transactions and issues to be resolved.
  2. Each agreement/contract, investment and loan, is charged on fixed amount as per the below:











  1. Dormant companies are considered as the companies that have only share capital and professional services invoices (audit fees, bookkeeping fees, secretary fees etc.).  If a company has an active bank account, it is not considered as dormant.
  2. For companies with over 200 transactions fees will depend upon actual volume and complexity of transactions.

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