Do I need to be regulated?

The following is a brief assessment aimed at determining whether you are required to obtain CIF authorization.




Answer is YES

Answer is NO

1 Do you have a company established or do you intend to establish a company in Cyprus?

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No Regulation Needed

2 Do you intend to provide / perform any investment services / activities either within or outside Cyprus on a professional Basis?

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No Regulation Needed

3 Are the investment services / activities you intend to provide / perform related to one or more financial instruments (refer to Annex 1)

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No Regulation Needed

4 Do you fall within any of the exemptions (refer to Annex 2) in relation to the relevant investment services/ activities?

No Regulation Needed

An Authorization as a Cyprus investment Firm a (CIF) is Required.

Once it has been established that regulation is required, application for CIF Authorization should commence as quickly as possible, as the application process is complex and time consuming, however Eltoma Corporate Services will assist every step of the way.

It should be highlighted that a CIF may provide investment services on a professional basis only if it has received prior authorization from the commission. Maintaining a regulated entity could also prove demanding, as your compliance requirements and costs will inevitably increase, in exchange for the increased compliance burdens however, you will be allowed to market your products and services across European Markets and to a variety of investors [both accredited and retail. The main overriding advantage however of a CIF authorization is that it is valid in all member states, and allows the CIF to provide the services for which it has been authorized in all the member states.

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