ServiceFee (€)
  1. Company House Levy.

Annual Fee payable by 30th June the year after incorporation.

Dormant company: bookkeeping & audit fees:
  1. Book Keeping Fees.

Fee conditional on whether the company has Bank Accounts, Bank Charges, Bank Transactions / Charges, number of shareholders, subsidiaries (Holding) etc.

€250 – €500
  1. Audit
€300 + VAT
Active Company: bookkeeping & audit Fees:
  1. Book Keeping Set Up Fee.
€250 + VAT
  1. Book Keeping Fees.
Determined by: number of transactions, amount of sales turnover and time spent
  1. Audit.
From €1,500
  1. VAT Registration.
  1. VAT Declarations – dormant company.
€200 per annum
  1. VAT Declarations – active company.
  1. VIES Registration.
  1. VIES Declarations.
  1. VAT Deregistration.
Additional services:
  1. Preparation and Submission of Personal Income Tax Form.
  1. Preparation and Submission of IR 7 form for companies.
  1. Preparation of monthly Payroll for companies.
Determined by: number of employees of company – €50 per employee on a monthly basis

Documents needed from clients for bookkeeping:

Part A

Applicable for all jurisdictions for newly incorporated companies:

  1. Detailed description of the company’s activities.
  2. Bank statements for the financial year for all accounts that are under the company’s name.
  3. Sales Invoices issued from the company during the financial year.
  4. Purchases invoices received from the suppliers of the company during the financial year.
  5. Any expense receipts issued under the company’s name.
  6. Any agreements and contracts signed by the company during the financial year.

Part B

Documents needed from companies that were transferred from another agent:

Cyprus jurisdiction:

  1. All the above documents mentioned in Part A.
  2. A set of the financial statements from the previous financial year that were submitted to Cyprus Company House.
  3. A copy of the submitted and stamped IR4.
  4. A copy of the submitted HE 32.


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