Fee Schedule

Costa Rica Sociedad Anonima – S.A - General Information

  • A S.A. offers a high degree of privacy and anonymity
  • 4 Members are required for a S.A – President, Secretary, Treasurer & Controller. Board Directors appear on public record.
  • Shareholders do not appear on public record.
  • Costa Rica is not a member of the Hague Convention therefore if a bank account is planned to be opened outside of Costa Rica then the corporate documents have to be legalized. Legalisation costs depend on the specific countries Consulates rates.
  • Timescale of Incorporation – between 20-40 working days
  • An S.A operates a territorial taxation principle; the company only pays taxes according to the income generated in Costa Rica.
  • There are no reporting or accounting requirements
  • Costa Rica is not considered an offshore entity and has a number of Free Trade Agreements in place (US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Dominican Republic and the Caribbean). There are also negotiations underway with China and the EU


·     All Government License Fees
·     Corporate documents in Spanish & Notarised English translation of main documents
·     Registered Office Fee
·     Registered Agent Fee
·     Registering the company at the Revenue Office
·     Company Stamp
·     Courier Fees
1,950.00 USD
Bank Account Opening Fees:  
  • Costa Rica Bank Account Opening Fee
  • Cyprus Bank Account Opening Fee
To be confirmed – dependent upon bank & conditions
Quoted for on a case by case basis + Legalisation Fees
Annual Renewal Fee:  
·     Registered Office
·     Registered Agent
·     Payment of Government Fees
·     Presentation of Annual Tax Declaration
USD 1,150.00
Nominee Fees:  
  • Individual Cypriot Nominee Fee (for each Board Members – 4 Board Members; President, Secretary, Treasurer & Controller)
  • Individual Cypriot Nominee Shareholder
  • Corporate Nominee Belize Shareholder

USD 380.00


USD 250.00
USD 150.00
*POA is not included

Compliance service charges   
  • Introduction Compliance Fee for New Clients.
  • Annual Compliance Review 
  • Compliance Service Fee for all post company incorporation services involving new persons or legal entities.

USD 230.00

USD 120.00 

USD 60.00 – USD 120.00 



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