Requirements and Administration Guidelines

Share Capital:

  • There are no minimum capital requirements for a Cayman Islands Company
  • Bearer shares can be issued but must be held by a Custodian approved by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
  • Registered shares can be held in an individual name or corporate body
  • Shares may be issued with nominal or no par value
  • A Cayman Islands Company can be formed with one shareholder
  • Details of shareholders are not maintained on public record


  • A minimum of one director is required
  • Corporate directors are permitted
  • Directors do not have to be shareholders or resident in the Cayman Islands
  • Meeting required once a year on the island. Can be done by the appointment of proxies

Restrictions on Name & Activity:

  • The company name must not contain any of the following; Bank, Building Society, Insurance, Fund Management, Asset Management or Trust.

Local Requirements:

  • A registered office must be maintained
  • It is customary to appoint a company secretary but not mandatory. A representative can act in the capacity of a company secretary
  • The company secretary is not required to be a qualified secretary
  • Can either be a corporate body or an individual


  • The Confidential Relationship (Preservation) Law makes it a criminal offence to disclose or obtain confidential information in relation to Cayman Companies.


  • Incorporation is quick and will usually take only a few days.

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