Offshore trusts

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Belize offshore trust becomes valuable, easy operational, subtle and creative means of asset protection, investment, tax and estate planning providing at the same time full confidentiality.

Main principle of Offshore Trust is to assign assets to a Trustee in an offshore jurisdiction. When the Offshore Trust is set up in Belize, Beneficiaries are exempted from paying local taxes on their incomes or assets of the Trust.

The structure of a Trust is based on three basic elements:

  1. Settlor/Grantor – the creator of the Trust that can be an individual, a corporation or another legal entity. The Settlor creates a Trust by gifting or transferring title of assets which he owns into Trust with instructions that those assets should be held for the subsequent use, benefit and enjoyment of a third party (Beneficiary/s).
  2. Trustee – a person or corporate body appointed by the Settlor to manage Trust with a legal authority (for the profit of the Beneficiary/s)
  3. Beneficiary – a person who receives the benefits from money or property held in the trust.

Benefits of a Belize Offshore Trust:

  • No wealth and inheritance taxes
  • Financial stability
  • Tax reduction and minimization
  • Easy maintenance
  • Confidentiality
  • Excellent asset protection features
  • Ability to minimize or eliminate estate and inheritance taxes due to the death of a Settlor
  • Recognition in main common law jurisdictions

Major information about Belize Trusts

Under the Belize Trust Act a Belize Offshore Trust must be formed either by oral declaration or be written excluding any technical expressions or regulations. Non-charitable Trust can be created for a maximum period of 120 years and a Charitable Trust may be set up for an unlimited duration. There is a minimum requirement of one Trustee for a non-charitable trust and four – for a Charitable Trust.

The Trust Act states that a Belize Offshore Trust may but not obliged to be registered with Registry. However, an offshore Trust must be licensed by a special Commission in order to conduct international financial services.

The information about Trust is kept with the International Financial Services Commission and is strictly protected from public access unless the written permission of the Trustee is given.

Possible assets for a Belize Offshore Trust:

  • life insurance policies issued on the life of the Settlor
  • real property
  • intellectual property
  • investment portfolio
  • money
  • stocks
  • shares
  • inheritance

PRICE LIST for Belize Offshore Trust

ServiceYear 1Year 2Additional ServicesComments
Trust creation US $1000 US $600    
Trustee Fees Included Included    
Certified copy of the Trust Deed Included      
Certificate of Registration Included      
Trust Account
Annual Trust Account     from US $145 Vary on complexity, payment applies annually
Additional Services
Courier Fee     From US $50 Based on pack contain
Certification be the Registered Agent     US $15  
Certification by Notary Public     US $35  
Certification by Apostille (set)     US $85  
Certification by Ministry of Foreign Affairs     US $105  
Certification by Consulate     Varies  
Amendment to structure (single change)     US $105  
Amendment to structure (multiple change)     US $175  

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