Requirements and administration guidelines

As mentioned previously, due to the differences in the types of companies that can be formed the below is only a very basic overview of the company administration guidelines. Eltoma can advise on an individual basis providing you with specific information tailored to your requirements.

Share Capital:

  • WFOE Minimum Registered Capital – RMB 100,000 – RMB 500,000 (approx. US$15,000 – US$75,000) is the minimum capital requirement
  • WFOE – Between 1 – 50 shareholders allowed. Public offering of shares are prohibited
  • JV Minimum Registered Capital - A minimum of 25% of the capital must be contributed by the foreign partner
  • JV - Drawn up by agreement dependent on capital invested


  • WFOE – The WFOE must designate a single director or a board of directors who will act for the initial term of office, as set out in the Articles of Association
  • JV- Directors appointed by the parties in general proportion to the investors respective equity shares

Local Requirements:

  • All companies in China must have a physical office address at which the company is registered. They are prohibited from using a virtual address.
  • WFOE - At least one individual who is not a Director must act as a WFOE Supervisor
  • WFOE – One individual must be designated as the legal representative in the formation of documents.
  • JV - A legal representative is required


  • This is dependent on the complexity of the business and the negotiations required.

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