Italy: Di Maio States That Majority Of Parliament Will Refuse EU-Canada Trade Deal

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It has been stated that majority in parliament would refuse an EU-Canada free trade deal, thereby threatening to destroy the entire agreement, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, Luigi Di Maio.

Gian Marco Centinaio, agriculture minister who is also a member of the League stated that the majority in parliament would not approve the deal as they believe it only protects a small section of the “protected designation of origin” products.

The head of Confindustria, the employer’s federation in Italy, Vincenzo Boccia, stated that it would be a mistake in his opinion not to approve the deal according to sources.

Back in October 2016, Canada and the European Union signed the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) when anti-globalisation attitude was all the excitement.

Di Maio’s opposition to the accord has faced some criticism, notably from ADUC, the consumer association, emphasizing that CETA protected 40 Italian products on the Canadian market, the highest ever figure.