Is E-Commerce Causing the Fall of Retail?

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European companies are turning the e-commerce revolution to their advantage by supplying online giants with everything from cardboard boxes, storage space, automated warehouses, and forklift trucks.

Retailers including the likes of Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and H&M have faced a blazing few years as stretched consumers are increasingly searching online for bargains.

Following this, some of the US’ largest retailers have been shutting stores recently due to reductions in sales. The rise of e-commerce has made it very difficult for such traditional retailers to attract customers to their stores and also, caused some companies to completely change their sales strategies.

According to sources, online retail sales are growing at a double-digit percentage rates in every western Europearn country. Moreover, in Britain, a 5th of transactions are now conducted online which stands to be a five-fold increase over the last decade.

Amazon stands to be the world’s most dominant online retailer whose shares have soared rapidly by 73%. However, Amazon stands to be outside the remit of most of the European investors due to it being listed in the USA.