Is Cyprus Tourism Industry Heading into Tough Times?

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The head of the Cyprus Hotels Association (PASYXE) Haris Loizides announced the forthcoming in 2019 difficulties regarding attracting the same number of tourists as in the previous two years. Last year, Cyprus was visited by a total of 3,938,625 tourists and in 2017 – 3,652,073.

One of the difficulties that the tourism industry will face is competition from neighbouring countries such as Turkey and Egypt. These countries intend to increase the level of tourists’ interest by lowering the cost of airline services.

Mr. Loizides also noted that due to Brexit there is no absolute certainty that tourists from the UK will prefer Cyprus as a holiday destination. In order to achieve the figures for previous years, it is planned to expand the market to the countries of Central Europe, Scandinavia and some countries of the Middle East.