Is Airbnb Sharing Or Letting?

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According to sources, Airbnb listings are made up of more short-term letting of commercial properties rather than the sharing of spare house capacity.

New South Wales in Australia is on the edge of announcing a new short-term letting policy.

Research showcases that approximately a ¼ of Airbnb properties down under in New South Wales are basically commercial short-term letting operations.

However, the regulation of these platforms is not always straightforward as cities like Barcelona and Berlin have come to realise. In addition, imposing restrictions against individual hosts can be expensive. Following this, Airbnb has also challenged regulations limiting short-term letting.

Along with this, there has been a lot of buzz around platforms such as Airbnb as the leaders of a brand new “sharing economy”. In addition, this has caused some governments wary of interfering with a possibly lucrative economic driver.

Higher Figures highlighted that Airbnb listings were being viewed more as short-term letting businesses in other global cities. This included, 49% in Paris, 28% in both Hong Kong and London and 26% in New York.