Investors in Ukraine filed $8 billion in claims

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The Ministry of Justice in Ukraine has declared that currently, foreign investors have filed judicial claims to Ukraine for the sum of about 170 billion Ukrainian hryvnas (more than $8 billion). This data has been reported by the deputy minister of justice Anton Yanchuk, who has also pointed out the sharp increase in judicial claims within 2015.

‘The Ministry of Justice maintains 19 lawsuits in participation with Ukraine and foreign investors. And also it conducts work on pre-judicial mediation on 21 claims to the state of Ukraine. Now the total amount of requirements for disputes requiring lawsuits are amounting to 170 billion hryvnas’.

Actually the sum of investors claim that Ukraine has grown by almost 8 times. According to the deputy minister of justice of Ukraine, in 2013 the total amount of claims equalled to almost 20 billion hryvnas, and in 2014 about 30 billion hryvnas.

Mr Yanchuk has connected the growing number of judicial claims to the destabilisation of the financial and political situation in Ukraine. In particular, he has listed the hryvna exchange rate collapse as a factor for all foreign claims are estimated in foreign currency. Among the possible reasons for such an upturn, Mr Yanchuk has specified the judicial system in Ukraine to be not running to well currently.