Influential International Trust & Equity Cases 2018-2019

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A summary of the most influential UK-international trust and equity law cases in recent years has been released, as follows:

Dominion v Montpelier was a case established in the Isle of Man regarding the rights and duties of the departing trustees when being replaced by new ones; amending the longstanding UK Privy Council’s ruling in the infamous Investec Trust.
(Guernsey) v Glenalla found that the Trusts (Jersey) Law 1984 surpasses the English legal principle that a trustee is personally liable for any debts properly incurred for the benefit of the trust.
The Grand Court in the Cayman Islands confirmed solidifying the availability of confidentiality orders in matters regarding trusts in the British Overseas Territories.
M v St Anne’s Trustees is a case whereby the Court of Appeal in Guernsey agreed to set aside transactions by which a trustee had caused a large tax liability to accumulate absentmindedly.