How to react to being fired?

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It is indeed offensive to be fired. We perceive it quite differently at 20, 30, 40 and 50.

Those who stand at the very beginning of their career path are taught a good lesson that suggests the necessary changes in life and relation to work, in particular, have to be made. Following Confucius’ advice, we can choose an occupation we love and never have to work a day. Nevertheless, if one chooses the ‘work’, he should be prepared to do something in exchange for his salary.

My personal relation to work changed while still being a student in the UK and looking for a part-time job. Having agreed about the work schedule with my prospective employer, the next morning I was 15 minutes late to find out that my job had been given to another employee. Since that day I was never late again!

I am absolutely bewildered with the Cypriots’ habits to always be late. It’s a running joke that they even have two ideas of time – “the Cypriot time” when you can arrive an hour later, and “the English time” when you have to be just-in-time. Once, when someone showed up at an office New Year’s Eve party 2 hours late, I wondered why on earth they always have to be late and the response was that Cypriots have it in their blood, and it cannot be changed! Back in my youth I quickly learned how being late can impact your work and what to do to get paid. Everyone learns this in due time.