Singapore : Businesses to use only CorpPass from Q3 2018

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Businesses in Singapore will be required to use the Singapore Corporate Access (CorpPass) for their online transactions with the Government from Q3 in 2018 as announced by the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) announced on Monday the 18th of December.

According to GovTech, more than 80% of businesses that have consistent transactions with the government have registered for and started using CorpPass.

CorpPass is a professional digital identity for companies, non-profit organisations and associations to carry out online transactions with Government agencies and is designed to provide businesses with multiple benefits.

Moreover, it is expecting more than 250,000 active companies to use CorpPass for their online corporate transactions with the government from Q3 in 2018.

GovTech states that businesses which have not registered for CorpPass should do so soon as current login methods like EASY and SingPass, will cease by them. In addition, CorpPass will also be available to foreign businesses in 2018.